"In the best or worst of times and in between, psychotherapy is a gift you give yourself!"

Cécile Lyons


If you're interested in exploring the possibility of entering into a therapeutic relationship, I offer a complementary meeting. Within this introductory time together, information is shared to gauge compatibility and determine whether I am the professional best suited to join you in addressing the matter you have brought for consideration. In addition to considering the likelihood of forging a meaningful alliance, office policies and fees are discussed to ensure there is mutual understanding of expectations and capabilities.

If we agree to proceed, the next few sessions may entail assessments, discussion of desired outcomes and modalities of treatment or the framework of collaboration that will be most responsive to your needs. Although I integrate approaches that scientific inquiry has shown to constitute "best practices", research has shown the quality of the relationship is the variable most relevant to achieving meaningful results. It is well established in psychology that each of us has a "default position" we assume in relationships. This way of relating impacts all other aspects of our lives. It is likely this dynamic will be a part of the conversation. Furthermore, none of us lives in isolation. All thoughts, feelings and behaviors are influenced by the context in which they occur. Even the briefest, solution-focused therapy will include developing an understanding of the outside forces that most influence your life.

Whether our consultation is a session or two, several weeks or months or remains an open relationship over time, we will periodically review what has transpired and what more is ahead. It is essential that our collaboration exist with the understanding that whenever one or the other of us believes that the goal(s) have been accomplished or we have come to an impasse with diminishing returns, we will freely enter into a discussion of what we are experiencing and discuss the possibility of termination or referral. This is a natural part of the growing process.

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